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FNIRSI DSO-TC3 3w1 Oscilloscope Tester Generator


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NIRSI DSO-TC3 3in1 Oscilloscope Tester Generator

Main functions

  1. Digital oscilloscope
  2. Electronic components tester
  3. Signal Generator

In addition, it has functions such such as: continuity test, voltage test, temperature and humidity measurement, infrared decoding and others.

The meter is equipped with 2.4-inch color TFT display and a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that provide users with efficient work, ease of portability and, as a result, better functionality. p>

Device Perfect for people who value handy multifunctional devices for measuring and testing electronic components.

Features product:

  • 3-in-1 device: combination of a digital oscilloscope with an LCR tester and a DDS generator
  • 2.4" LCD TFT display - easy control of the device and convenient reading of measurement results
  • Powered by a 1500 mAh battery
  • Charging via USB-C
  • Widely used in working with electronics

Digital oscilloscope:

  • Measurement of an analog signal with a bandwidth of up to 500 kHz
  • Has one channel
  • Allows you to detect signal changes in real time, at a sampling rate of 10 MS/s
  • Allows you to measure the frequency, period and duty cycle of a signal
  • Precise signal measurement thanks to 3 trigger modes: auto, normal or single measurement

Tester LCR:

  • Allows you to measure the capacitance, resistance and inductance of electronic components
  • Has a signal generator, including sine, square, triangle, pulse and DC

Specification - Digital oscilloscope:

  • Number of channels: 1
  • Analog bandwidth: 0 to 500kHz
  • Input resistance: 1MΩ
  • Coupling mode: AC/DC
  • Real-time sampling rate: 10 MS/s
  • Test voltage range: 1X : 40V / 10X : 400V
  • Vertical sensitivity: 10mV/Div to 10V/Div
  • Vertical offset: adjustable
  • Horizontal time base range: 10us/Div to 500s/Div
  • Trigger mode: auto, normal, single measurement
  • Trigger type: rising edge, falling edge
  • Trigger level: adjustable
  • Stop measurement: HOLD function
  • Measurement of parameters: frequency, period, duty cycle
  • Dimensions: 79 x 103 x 31 (mm)

Specification - LCR Tester:

  • Transistor tester: JFET, IGBT, MOSFET
  • Diode test: <4.5V
  • Measurement of ESR of capacitors
  • Capacitance: 25pF to 100mF
  • Resistance: 0.01Ω to 50MΩ
  • Inductance: 10uH to 1000uH
  • Battery: 0.1 to 4.5V
  • Input voltage: 0 to 40 V
  • PWM output:1.5 kHz to 9.99 MHz

Specification - Signal generator:

  • Signal: sine wave: 1-100 kHz, 3.3V/50%
  • Signal: square wave: 1-100 kHz, 3.3V/50%
  • Signal: Pulse: 1-100 kHz, 3.3V/50%
  • Signal: triangular: 1-100 kHz, 3.3V/50%
  • Signal: ramp type: 1-100 kHz, 3.3V/50%
  • Signal: DC: 0 - 3.3V

Specification remaining:

  • Display: Color, 2.4" LCD TFT
  • Power supply: 1500 mAh battery
  • Charging: USB Type C, 5V
  • Dimensions: 79 x 31 x 103 mm

Content set:

  • 1x 3in1 oscilloscope measuring device FNIRSI DSO-TC3
  • 1x Height probe its voltage P6100
  • 1x Probe with alligator clips
  • 3x Test tip with hook
  • 1x Adapter
  • 1x USB-C power cable
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