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Microscope Kaisi TX-350S Plus Triocular with holder

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Kaisi TX-350S with fume extraction and large stand with frame

Professional microscope for service workin various industries. Good quality which we can observe almost from the very first moments. It will work wherever you need high magnification and precision of work. Working with micro elements will be much easier and therefore more enjoyable. Additionally, the manufacturer adds a minifume extractor to the microscope, which effectively transports the vapors from the face to another place so as not to draw them in directly.

Solid every element has been refined, so that the ergonomics are tailored to the user. The device ensures stability and accuracy of work. Eye and muscle fatigue when bending is kept to a minimum.

The microscope allows for customization working distance to your preferences, it is equipped with a third eyepiece that allows you to mount a camera.It has a basic LED lighting system with adjustment.

This set comes with with a large service stand with dimensions 38 x 50 cm and a comfortable frame that is mounted in this stand. We can choose from 3 mounting locations: left side, right side, center. The frame used allows for convenient operation of the microscope head, and when the microscope is not in use, it can be moved away, enlarging the working surface.

Total magnification is 7X -50X, standard working distance is 100mm. The working distance can be adjusted depending on the lens used. When using a 0.5X lens, the working distance is about 165mm.

The examined object is visible in three dimensions, thanks to whichyou can conduct more detailed and precise observations.

Glasses WF10X/23mm with a rubber cover, they are adjustable.

Field of view 4, 3mm-31.4mm at 7X-50X magnification

Technical specifications:

  • Standard magnification: 7X - 50X
  • Magnifying eyepiece: WF10X / 23mm
  • Working distance: 100mm
  • Head tilt: 45 degrees
  • Adjustable lifting range
  • Stand dimensions: 380x500mm

Set contents:

  • Kaisi TX-350S microscope
  • WF10X/23 glasses
  • camera adapter
  • rubber eyepiece covers
  • protective glass
  • basic illuminator
  • microscope case
  • base 380x500mm
  • fume extraction
  • frame mounted to the stand

What's worth buying:

1 . Tripod

- FlexArm - has a wide range of adjustments, which makes work much easier and more pleasant. It can be mounted with a vice or screws.

- Mechanic L2 - its design ensures the stability of the head during operation. It has a smaller adjustment range than the FlexArm frame and requires quite a large surface to operate freely.

2 . A lensthat is used to increase the working surface when working with larger elements and more.

- 0.3x - working distance 287mm.

- 0.5x - working distance 160mm.

- 0.7x - working distance 120mm.

3 . Illuminatorthat allows you to set the appropriate image brightness.

4 . Microscope camerathat allows you to capture the image from the microscope to the monitor

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